"Good for the Heart and Soul!"

Welcome to SoLo's Food! I am Diamonique, founder and chef. My business partner is Kheyyon. While studying nutrition in college, we learned the importance of making healthy food affordable and accessible. That's when I got the idea to create a convenient restaurant that serves all the yummy foods across Africa, Latin America, Caribbean, and the Southern United States but also make it healthy. 


We strive to offer wholesome, nutritious foods to our native city of Newark, NJ and the rest of the United States. We are the first of our kind, providing authentic, ethnic cooked meal kits and prep services. Thanks for stopping by! Try one meal or subscribe to a weekly or monthly plan. Whatever you decide, remember, SoLo's Food is "Good for the Heart and Soul". 

From plantains to collard greens

Each month we offer a new menu with  tasty foods from the Southern United States, Africa, and Latin America. We've created them to make you feel as good as they taste!


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