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Welcome to SoLo's Food!

At SoLo's Food we're all about creating healthy and delicious meals that are 'Good for the Heart and Soul.' We want to make sure that kids have access to meals that are not only good for them, but that are also delicious and satisfying. With our school lunch program, we're able to offer a diverse selection of dishes that are inspired by cuisines from around the globe.


While studying her master’s in nutrition, our founder and executive chef Diamonique realized that there was a need for affordable, healthy meals that were a little more exciting than the usual options. Our menu is carefully crafted to ensure that every meal is balanced, nutritious, and above all, tasty! As a team, we're committed to creating meals that will leave students feeling energized and ready to tackle the rest of their day. Whether you're a student, parent, or school administrator, we'd love to talk to you about how we can help bring our delicious, healthy meals to your community.


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“I've been drawn to the great selection and the quality of the foods that I've experienced, I can taste the freshness of the food, I've gotten prompt deliveries with the best customer service and care, easy to reheat, and great tasting, very rewarding to the palate!!!.”

— Kenneth R.

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“The chicken is seasoned just right. Not too much and not too little. The quality of meat is perfect!.”

— Dana C.

“The oxtails are sooooooo delicious, I get them shipped to me at least twice a month. .”

— Margie C.


“It took all my wife and my willpower not to finish the pie off at one sitting!”

— Peter K.


~ Solo's Service PLANs ~

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We offer a selection of snacks and beverages that prioritize health without sacrificing flavor. Our vending options are curated to align with nutritional guidelines while keeping students excited about their choices.

Hot meals

Our hot lunch options are crafted with care, providing students with well-balanced and tasty meals to fuel their day.


Convenience meets nutrition with our ready-to-heat meal options. Perfect for busy schedules, these meals ensure students get the nourishment they need without compromising on taste.


Education is key to fostering healthy habits. Our nutrition workshops engage students in a fun and informative way, teaching them about the importance of making nutritious food choices.

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we deliver to all schools in the tri state



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