Puerto Rico is home of great music and food, mofongo being part of the latter. SoLo's mofongo has the traditional savory flavor. We add our own spin by swapping out pork rinds for our signature coconut "vegan bacon". Your taste buds will thank you. Serves 1 person as a snack or 2 people as a side.


Price Options
One-time purchase
Mofongo Lover
$4.50weekly/ auto-renew
Monthly Subscription
$4.75monthly/ auto-renew
  • Calories: 193 kcal

    Carbs: 19 g

    Protein: 1 g

    Fat: 16 g


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SoLo's Food is an ethnic meal prepping service.

We deliver to New Jersey and ship across the US. 

solosfoodnj@gmail.com  |  Tel: (973) 888-1096

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