Imagine dining beachside on the Caribbean and you bite into a flavorful, juicy piece of jerk portabella mushroom. Okay, now come back to reality. We can't bring you a Jamaican beach but we've got the next best thing. Our authentic jerk seasoning will have you craving more. 2 preportioned servings per order. Pop in the oven/toaster oven (recommended) or microwave. Don't forget to order your sides like plantains or rice and beans. You can subscribe to have this delivered every week or month for discounted prices.

Jerk Mushroom

Price Options
One-time purchase
Jerk Mushroom Lover
$13.50weekly/ auto-renew
Monthly Subscription
$14.25monthly/ auto-renew
  • Calories: 81 kcal

    Carbs: 16 g

    Protein: 4 g

    Fat: 0.5 g


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