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Omeyele Sowere's Hunger Strike for Justice


Happy New Year to all, especially our readers. Let’s cooperate to ensure that we are making progress with social justice, economic development, and vaccine distribution and access! Unfortunately, There is one major event that has already started 2021 on the wrong foot. According to and, On New Year's Day, Famous Nigerian journalist and social activist, Omeyele Sowere arranged a peaceful protest against the Nigerian government and current president Muhammadu Buhari with protesters in Abuja. The rapid response squad (Nigerian police unit) not only injured Omeyele with a broken nose but also denied him bail on grounds of COVID-19 violations

Who is Sowere? How did he end up in his current position?

For those who have never heard of him, Omeyele Sowere is an wildly successful journalist who founded his own company, the sahara reporter, and a powerful human rights activist of the Revolution Now campaign that has five goals: An economy that works for the people, A democratic end to insecurity, an end to systemic corruption and a call for total systemic change, Immediate use of the 30,000 minimum nigeria naira (currency), and free education for all.

Sowere has a history of peacefully protesting the oppression of the current Nigerian government regime under President Muhammudu Buhari. For protesting countless times against the Nigerian government, Omeyele has been imprisoned for completely ridiculous claims such as money laundering, treason, and cybercrimes for publicizing his Revolution Now campaign which aims at removing the president. He has even been detained and held illegally in prison at president Buhari’s discretion by the Nigerian Department of State Service (DSS). This has resulted in Nigerian federal high court suing the Nigerian federal government for 200,000 naira for repeatedly pushing Omeyele’s trial date back.

In short, Omeyele is trying to influence great change in Nigeria peacefully and is being punished wrongfully for it. This blog post isn’t some attention-grabber for the sake of views, monetization, or product pushing. This is my cry for the community to assist the Solo’s Team in supporting the liberation of Omeyele Sowore from his current imprisonment. As always we are Solo’s blog, A team dedicated to crafting content that is good for the mind and soul!

Call to Action

  • If you can, please go to the following link to to petition the freedom of Omeyele Sowere from his wrongful imprisonment:

  • Please stay safe! Although a vaccine is in the works, it doesn’t change the fact that COVID-19 is still raging , so please maintain social distancing, wear a mask , and wash your hands frequently!



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