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Creme Brulee & Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 15, 2021



Hello, everyone. Although we are not only in the midst of a pandemic winter but also literally moments away from experiencing the heart of winter aka February, We should not forget to cherish our loved ones around us. What better way to do so than to make a delicious dessert for your loved ones in preparation for Valentine’s Day? In this post today, I will cover a brief history of the recipe of creme brulee, providing you, the reader, with a recipe to use as a basis to start making your own creme brulee. Alright, let’s dive into the history of this delicious dessert.

The creme brulee is a recipe that many believe to hail originally from french cuisine but it’s historical origins are also very complex. According to an article, ‘Food For Thought: A Short History of Creme Brulee, by Una Kavanagh for the website ‘’, Many countries in Europe, such as France and Spain, claim to be the birthplace of the world’s first creme brulee. These claims are too difficult to substantiate because of custard’s overwhelming popularity in the middle age European society even the technique of caramelizing the sugar on the creme brulee is unknown (2015).

More interestingly, an article by, suggests that the popularity of the creme brulee and countries interests for claiming this recipe as their own comes from it’s introduction to the United States in the 80s by American chef, Julia Child, on her own cooking show. She was an american chef who lived in France. She is also the reason that many people share or develop creme brulee recipes that require the use of blow torches. [Source:]

Although we can’t put our fingers on the official origin of the first creme brulee, what is more important is being able to put our utensils in this delicious treat and (if our spouse or partner is in a generous mood…) experiencing this awesome treat. In the next section, I will provide a recipe that is simple enough to get you well on your way to making an amazing creme brulee without breaking your wallet!

How to?

There are many sources on the internet about making a creme brulee from scratch that it can be hard to simply pick one and start. The recipe I selected for this blog post comes from the ‘thank your body’ website who went as far as providing a simple and budget-friendly recipe with clear, concise instructions and nutrition facts. I also preferred this recipe because it doesn’t require the use of a blowtorch which is very ubiquitous when talking about making a creme brulee, and which is missing from the kitchens of most folks! Enjoy.

It is important to remember that although this pandemic has everyone stressed out to varying degrees, We need to prioritize what is truly important in our lives such as friends and family. Making this recipe from scratch with its long and interesting history is simply one way to accomplish that. If you want to read similar articles like this one, check them out at

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